Commissions are open

  1. To request a commission, send me an email to or DM me on Instagram or Twitter! Describe what you want me to draw, in what style, and attach references, sketches, moodboards, anything you think might be useful in translating your vision to me 💛

  2. I will get back to you with the confirmation, price, and an approximate delivery time (which, depending on the complexity of the drawing and the amount of work I have, can be from one day up to a couple of weeks). I will also ask questions if I have any!

    If your request is very complex, I will have to charge an hourly rate instead of giving you a fixed price, because it can be hard to gauge the exact amount of time such pieces are going to take. But I will still tell you my best approximation c:

  3. Once we agree on all the details, I will send you a Direct Contract. It is an escrow service that lets us both feel safe: I only get paid when the work has been completed. No account required, and you can use PayPal! You will be asked to deposit the full price of the illustration to accept the contract, so be prepared.

    If you don't accept the contract within 7 days, the commission will be cancelled and the contract will be withdrawn. Sorry, I will have to prioritize other commissions because I have to pay rent and buy food :c

  4. After you accept the contract, I will send you the first sketch for your approval, at which point you can request any change to it that will still be within the scope we first agreed on.

  5. When I apply your feedback, I will send you the final version of the sketch, at which point you can only request minor changes to the facial expression, composition, and so on.

  6. Lastly, you will receive the final illustration, and I will request the money to be released from the escrow c:

If you need me to tweak something about the drawing, I will have to charge my hourly rate, because no revisions to the finished illustration are included in the price of the commission. And it's hard to tweak a finished artwork!

By default I retain the right to post a lower quality version of the illustration to my portfolio and socials, so do warn me in advance if the commission is private!

I will not draw:

I will draw almost anything else. Furries are welcome!


Pricing depends on how long an illustration is going to take me to draw. Below are some examples and categories with approximate prices, but it's hard to categorize everything I do. Even if you don't see an example of your specific request, don't be afraid to reach out with the description and references to get the price 💛

Simple drawings, sketches and line art: $30–$50

Rendered portraits and abstract illustrations: $60–$90

Full body illustrations, landscapes and objects: $90–$150

Complex/detailed illustrations and character design: $150+